INFOTORAJA.COM, RANTEPAO – December is the month that all Toraja people look forward to both Toraja Utara and Tana Toraja.

For people who are specifically located in these two districts, december is not only synonymous with Christmas celebration but in that month the Toraja people also hold a celebration known as the beautiful December celebration.

Lovely december is an annual agenda of Toraja Utara and Tana Toraja both discricts are jointly implementing and making a success of Lovely December.

The event was held since 2008.

Besides being held as part of series of Christmas celebrations, lovely december also became a place for relatives to meet each other and the moment to get acquainted with new people.

Lovely december celebration is not only for Torajan people but anyone can come and enjoy even participate in this great celebration.

Lovely december is not only just a regular celebration, but also as a place to get closer to the Torajan culture is displayed so that anyone can know and learn about Torajan culture.

So in addition to celebrating christmas together and meet relatives, the community also can learn together about the uniqueness of Torajan culture.

This year, the Lovely december celebration is packed so interesting and simple but can not be separated from the nuance of Torajan culture.

This is evident from every activity that has been scheduled by executive committe of lovely Decwmber 2017

This year, lovely december celebration also features a coffee festival. So, Torajan people and visitors from out of twon can also see and participate in this festival.

In addition, there are also typical traditional culinary festival of Toraja, traditional dance, folkore creative economic exhibitions, even the the celebration of Christmas with the entire church denomination (ecuminical christmas).

Even in this lovely december celebration also features a buffalo contest.

Well, for those who like this animal, we can come. Directly and enlivem the celebration of Lovely December this year in Toraja.

This lovely december celebration is very interesting because it is decorated with so many art and cultural festivals about Toraja.

Come and enliven lovely december. Let us know about the culture of Toraja and participate in preserving it together.

Report : Febriani Upa’
Editor : Yultin Rante